Multivitamin Junior Effervescent Tablets

Product Concept

• Dietary supplement • The „hansal multivitamin kids effervescent tablets“ contain all 13 essential vitamins. • Fruity raspberry flavour. • The effervescent tablets are free from sugar, lactose, fructose and gluten.

  • With all 13 vitally important vitamins
  • The effectiveness of the vital substances scientifically proven
  • Content: 20 effervescent tablets

Vital Substances

People with an unbalanced diet do not take enough vitamins with their daily diet. Especially children and young people, but also athletes, pregnant women, nursing mothers, elderly and smokers have an increased requirement of vitamins. The „hansal Mulitivitamin Junior effervescent tablets“ contain all 13 essential vitamins.

The human organism can not form vitamins sufficiently by itself. They must be supplied regularly to the body with the food. The vitamins perform quite different functions in the body, and none of them can substitute any other. If any one is deficient, many essential metabolic processes cannot run optimally. This is why it is important that the body is given a regular and balanced supply of vitamins.
May 2012 · hansal range