Magnesium Effervescent Tablets

Product Concept

• Dietary supplement • The “hansal magnesium effervescent tablets” support the muscle function and maintain a normal energy metabolism. • Fruity lemon flavour. • The effervescent tablets are free from sugar, lactose, fructose, gluten and animal components.

  • Supports muscle function and energy metabolism
  • The effectiveness of the vital substances scientifically proven
  • Content: 20 effervescent tablets

Vital Substances

Magnesium is a vital component of healthy human diet. The heart, nerves and muscles require this mineral. In fact every muscle in your body is dependet on an adequate supply of magnesium. These requirements are especially high for the most commonly used muscles, such as those in the calves, hands and feet, as well as the permanently working heart muscle.
An adequate energy supply is important in order to remain efficient.
Physical exercise, along with other factors such as an unbalanced diet, everyday stress and the consumption of coffee, tea and alcohol, may increase magnesium requirements. In these situations it is especially important to ensure that you are getting an adequate supply of magnesium.