Welcome to Pure Aid Health Care

Pure-Aid Healthcare Ltd: Established in May of 2012, Pure-Aid Healthcare is one of Ireland’s most dynamic suppliers with the main emphasis being on personal health products.

Having spent over 22 years involved in the healthcare business with Cahill May Roberts and Hayes Conyngham & Robinson The Chemists / Boots Ireland Tom Keightley has the background and experience to deliver a range of quality branded products with high margins to Irish Pharmacies and Multiples, while at the same time offering excellent retail value to the consumer

To start with, Pure-Aid Healthcare has concentrated on a range of Vitamin Effervescent and Vitamin Syrup products which are a growing category and seen as a great opportunity to increase sales and profitability for the retail trade.

Health and wellness are seen as key components of Irish consumer lifestyles and vitamins and dietary supplements, once viewed as a means of recuperation after illness or when in need of a tonic, are now accepted as being beneficial to health on an on-going basis.

This trend is expected to continue to strengthen into the future, helping to maintain growth in vitamins and dietary supplements through increased penetration and higher frequency of use.

While continuing poor economic conditions put pressure on disposable incomes, consumers more mindful of their expenditure will seek value for money and this will remain to be a key purchasing factor for the majority of consumers into the near future. With our current range of products, Pure-Aid Healthcare can offer a large selection of high-quality health products for the whole family with all the important vitamins and minerals, selected and tailored for their requirements at every stage of life.

To ensure that customers have daily access, the product range is available to Retail Pharmacies from wholesalers, thus minimising stock holding.